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Evaluation of breast lesions is one of the most critical – and labor-intensive – tasks in breast ultrasound.

Done manually, the process of labeling, measuring, and describing lesions can be very time-consuming. And the potential of reporting variability increases when users choose their own terms and methods to characterize lesions. Both of these factors can negatively impact efficiency and clinical confidence.

To help address challenges in breast exam efficiency, GE Healthcare has designed 2 important productivity features: the Breast Productivity Package and Breast Measure Assistant tool.


Breast Productivity Package

The Breast Productivity Package for LOGIQ™ ultrasound systems helps provide excellent efficiency and standardization to lesion reporting by:

  • Automating the labeling, measuring, and description of breast lesions
  • Integrating the BI-RADS® lexicon to enable structured reporting
  • Auto-populating exam findings to organize data in a standardized format
  • Creating a summary report that consolidates relevant information for easy review
  • Leveraging DICOM® Structured Reporting (SR) to enable integration with electronic health reporting (EHR) systems



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